About Us

What we love to do is serve as many people as possible and keep our customers always smiling. We don't count money, but count the number of smiles of our satisfied customers, that is why we Paytm mobiles of customers even on orders we never made money.

We love this win-win-win deal of ours where you, the online store and us win. We wish you continue your patronage for us and make a leading synonym of cashback for shopping at your favourite online store via us.

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We are a Team of Computer Science & Engineering students from JNTUCE, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, along with a 7th classmate of our Founder. We believe in 'What you give is what you get.' We all unanimously believe in giving back to the society which gave us Everything we have now and will have in future.

Please don't hesitate to reach us at with your suggestions to make our services much better and useful to the community. Many of our friends advised us to provide coupons here, but we have not considered that because we want to be easy on our customer's pocket and not lure our customers with coupons to shop which they really don't need.

We just want to provide the fastest and highest Paytm cashback on customer's mobile for them to keep them smiling.